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Accessing Capital For Your Business: Strategies for Success

Learn the Fundamentals of Financing, Pitching, and Securing Investment to Grow Your Business and Achieve Your Goals.

What you'll learn

To secure funding for your business.
To improve your business's financial management.
Opportunity to build relationships with investors and lenders who can provide valuable advice and support as your business grows.
Successfully securing funding can help increase your business's visibility and credibility, both with customers and other stakeholders.
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To help our students increase their capital and achieve their business goals, we make learning about raising capital easy and accessible,
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Student Feedback

I really like the way the instructors break down business topics into everyday language I understand. Every section gives me an opportunity to understand what is available to me.
- Tiffany D.
The courses are awesome! Relatable content to my business and in a way that encourages me to keep going!
- Keith O.
When I first started investing, I felt overwhelmed and had no idea where to start. With Moneygrew's beginner-friendly tutorials and supportive community, I was able to learn about how to win pitching for investors.
- Jasmine H.

Lead Instructor

Desha is an economic development enthusiast and strategic partnerships creator with a successful track record of business development for both growth stage and established companies. She is an accredited Small Business Consultant with the Association of Accredited Small Business Consultants®.

In addition to working in finance, Desha spent ten years in media and tech. She was Editor-In-Chief of nationally distributed Be Your Own Success Story Magazine and winner of the Celebration Bowl Hackathon for her edutech company, PB7App.

Desha's leadership in business development for early and growth stage businesses yielded opportunities for multinational expansion and brand partnerships. Her leadership and strategy have been demonstrated with international corporations- AcidPro, Reebok, Cargill, just to name a few.

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Our students talk about their invaluable academic experiences at MoneyGrew, providing advice, perspective, and vision.
Most stuff online is boring or uses language I do not understand. In every course I have gained wealth of knowledge with simple and plain words. Being a newbie in business it can be overwhelming but with the way the content is explained it keeps me going.

Marsha Jackson


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  • Optimize your financials to increase viability and drive sales
  • Craft compelling financial presentations that convert into funding
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Our strategic partners are a carefully curated group of exceptional experts and changemakers who are leading the way in finance, supply chain, and education. Their deep knowledge, innovative thinking, and transformative initiatives make them invaluable allies in our pursuit of excellence and positive impact in these key domains. Together, we harness their collective expertise and experience to drive meaningful change, foster innovation, and create sustainable solutions that shape the future of these industries.
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